Marshallartsmedia is a small media production company based in Belfast.  Really small. Just me actually… 

I am a self-shooting Producer Director.  The equivalent of putting a cameraperson, sound recordist, scriptwriter, director and producer into one body. 

I am a lifelong photographer, a 20+ year video shooter / editor  and now I film in broadcast quality 4K and Full HD.  I have thousands of hours logged on Final Cut and have produced hundreds of short films. I am delighted to be on the BBC Assistant Producer register.

My work is based around telling stories through short films. The stories can be of many types and for many purposes depending on the client needs. In general I work in a documentary manner, using interviews and extensive B-roll footage.   

A significant part of my work in recent years has been within the visual arts and the performing arts. I am fortunate that it has taken me around the globe several times. It is natural for me to be drawn to the energy of art and artists; as a creative and arts graduate myself, I feel those influences informing my shooting style.

I have a Masters degree in Fine Art, practicing in video and photography and passed with Distinction. I won the Royal Ulster Academy Outstanding MFA Graduate Award

Before MarshallArtsMedia, I ran a small company that made outdoor musical instruments and sound sculptures, I also built an orchestra for Stomp and appeared on Dragon’s Den amongst other trivia. 

I have a masters degree in business (MBA) and I feel that through Marshallartsmedia, I can work in the Art and Business venn intersection.

 I work creatively with clients but also with a clear understanding that the film is a strategic tool. I ask a lot of questions…




Interesting Stuff


  • Paul appeared on BBC Dragon’s Den in 2006 but was only successful in creating competition. (Series 3 Episode 7)
  • Paul designed the weird musical instruments for STOMP’s Lost and Found Orchestra
  • Paul has been a drummer since age 5 and plays every drum he can get his hands on. He has been semi professional and professional since 1986.  His musical work enabled him to tour the world with Different Drums of Ireland .
  • Paul works in the US and Asia as Artist in Residence, videographer and photographer, web guru, graphic designer and First Company drummer with the Trinity Irish Dance Company from Chicago.