Belfast School of Art – Graduate Shows 2019

Creative Processing (4K)

Belfast School of art is an art school rather than a gallery, it is a place in which failure is as important as success for learning and where artists develop processes and workflows that they will use for the rest of their creative careers.

The School has traditional art school disciplines such as painting, sculpture and textiles but also responds to challenges and opportunities from creative technologies in film, animation and gaming platforms.

This first film invites students, mostly those about to graduate, to reflect on their creative processes, trials and successes and how work that we see on a plinth is the result of much effort and time. It is a fascinating insight into the creative process and individually voiced, the process & challenges from ideation to completion remain remarkably similar across disciplines.

Virtual Tour (4K)

Every year as I make the main film, I spend about 10 days documenting each of the graduate shows as they come together. Because of the more narrative nature of that main film, I thought that  a ‘Virtual Tour’ was appropriate for as many students’ work as possible to be seen as widely as possible.

Starting from the ground floor, the film takes you up through both buildings floor by floor. 17 courses, 10 floors of Art & Design.

Opening Night

The Graduate shows are open for one week at the start of June each year. The shows are available to the public.  This is a quick spin around the shows at the start of the evening before it got too busy

Ulster Graduate Fashion Show

The annual Graduate Fashion Show is a major production, a landmark in the N.Irish arts calendar, and a jewel in the crown of the School of Art.

This year it involved 31 designers, 25 Models wearing something like 120 garments,

I was very happy to have had the assistance of 3 of my photo video students, Nat, Ray and Ryan who did a terrific job operating the additional cameras throughout the cathedral so I could create the multicam mix.

With the time available to create the film, accurate and consistent colour balance overall proved challenging as the models walked through varying light temperatures and brightnesses, I hope that we captured the flavour if not the exact colour rendition.

The students’ original music has been removed to avoid copyright infringement, we are grateful to musician Carl Phaser for making his music available under Creative Commons. Thank you.

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