Paul Marshall – Media Portfolio

As a one man enterprise, my workflow and pipeline includes all aspects of the production process from concept through to finishing.

I am very competent with any camera, video or photographic and I have had thousands of hours editing experience, primarily using Final Cut Pro but also Adobe Premiere and Davinci Resolve

The films below have been selected to illustrate a variety of lengths, styles and technologies. Please let me know if you need to see something different.

End Of Year 2019 Fly through

Annual School of Art End of Year Film 2019 – ‘The Creative Process – Behind the Scenes ‘

Documentation Hegarty & Stones exhibition at The MAC Belfast

Fashion Show Promotional Film 1:1 for Social Media

MarshallArtsMedia Advert

RUA 2018 Slow-motion fly through

Sports Dept Ad – New Sponsor – All footage and editing – Inc some original audio soundtrack

Creative Industries Institute – Bilingual Chinese / English film for China audience

Making It – Review of 10 years – all footage and interviews

Simple Vox Pops: International Student

I modelled St Anne’s cathedral in Sketchup for the purpose of teaching my students about shooting events, camera angles, fields of view etc etc.

This brief animation refers to the camera angles that I used for the fashion show in June 2019 so I have footage to match these angles.

The animation is rudimentary and simply joins ‘scenes’, I can only set gross XYZ directions, duration of ‘flight’ (4 secs) and how long it stays on the scene (0 secs)

Fashion Show Review – 1Min

MADMOIZEL – Live Performance for TONN –

Longer Form – Documentary. Inside the Speaker – Closed Captioned for hard of hearing – all footage and interviews
Youtube seems to interfere with captions, removing letters…
Official Selection Together! Disability Film Festival

Multiple voices plus B-Roll – MA Architecture – All footage and interviews

Medium Length: Artwork in National Trust Property ‘The Argory’ – all footage and interviews – 3rd party images

Short and Punchy – promotion for the Dance company

one minute sizzle – Trinity Irish Dance Company

Specific Technique – Timelapse – Gopro footage shot over a 10 day period

Royal Ulster Academy – 360 show – comprised from still 360 images – grab the image with your mouse or move with your finger on a smartphone