Royal Ulster Academy – Annual Exhibition 2019

I was commissioned to undertake AV media responsibilities for the 138th RUA Annual exhibition.

Catalogue Imagery

A range of framed and 3D objects: just under 400 works shot over a 4 day period.

Tech: Images shot using polarised light sources and polarised camera to reduce reflections

Short compilation video.

Pause to view works

Fly Through

This is the second year that I have undertaken a ‘flythrough’ film for the RUA. It is intended to give a flavour of the exhibition for those who cannot attend plus serve as a media backdrop for RUA events and lectures in the coming year.

The capture used a stabilised lens, in-body camera stabilisation and a gimbal 3-axis stabiliser. It was recorded at 4 x frame rate and slowed down to between 25 & 75% to give the ultimate smoothness

Lighting colours and levels are somewhat inconsistent as I move through the gallery, one light exhibited flicker

Flythrough video.

Pause to view works

Installation Documentation

Large exhibitions are usually documented in photography.

In this case I had access to the exhibition when the building was closed to the public.

Lighting colours and levels are somewhat inconsistent